I am Joseph John – I Provide Answers
I am Joseph John – I Provide Answers - Joseph John from Nigeria

I am Joseph John – I Provide Answers

“Jay, take a leap and swim towards me. You’re capable, intelligent, and brave. Don’t let your fears hinder you. Plunge into the water; you’ve got this!”

As my swim instructor echoed these encouraging words, the crowd of onlookers multiplied. Every eye in the swimming pool fixated on me, waiting to see if I would bravely jump into the deeper side of the pool.

Why was it such a daunting idea for me to take the plunge? Well, I had just begun learning how to swim less than a week ago, overcoming a lifelong fear of water. Additionally, I had never ventured into the deeper part of the pool during my training sessions.

So, why did I defy all odds and jump in?

I’m Joseph John, and I love to try.

One day, I’ll share the details of how that swimming adventure unfolded (good news: I didn’t meet a watery demise 😅), but for now, let me properly introduce myself.

I provide answers

I am first a human, then a patriotic Nigerian who has been monitoring trends closely in the digital space for the last ten years. I deliver analytic solutions and expert consulting to provide new insights, drive strategic decisions, and produce measurable results for my clients.

Nigerians love to ask what you do. And then pretend to listen to the titles and terms you spill forth in your explanation. A typical conversation at a party usually goes like this:

“Hey, what do you do?” [with an earnest interest gleaming in their eyes]

“I work as a corporate freelancer …” [their eyes hold steady]

“…deliver analytic solutions and expert consulting…” [their eyes begin to glaze]

“…to provide new insights …” [their eyes become void of expression]

“…and produce measurable results for my clients. ” [their eyes sharpen as an interjection is prepared…]

“OH, you’re one of those young urban techie types! Can you help me with my dataset?”

While this kind of exchange can be funny, or sometimes a touch frustrating, I do wish I could better communicate the diverse joys and intricacies of my work as a Data Analyst.

As a creative-tech-hybrid working as a freelancer, I collaborate with teams who have a range of skills and interests: developers, digital strategists, designers, data analysts, statisticians, and engineers.

Joseph John – The Data Analyst

I sit on the edge of an evolving technical world and constantly explore and learn what new things people are building and doing. My most valuable trait is being adaptable to whatever is coming next and the courage to always try.

But all that is a lot to convey to someone at a party who just wants a quick answer to their causal question.

For the people who really do want more of an answer — here is my story.

“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”

My love for technicalities and adventures made me fancy sciences. I’ve always wanted to study aeronautical engineering or electrical electronics, but thankfully Computer Science chose me. Within the last decade, I’ve had the opportunity to build incredible websites, develop programs, proffer solutions, and engage great minds.

I’ve worked internationally, in-house, and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, startups, and charities. I care deeply about creating world-class, useful, and beautiful products that help people and make a difference. I freelance, which means I can jump in at any stage of a project, or take on the whole project, from design to build.

Working As a Data Analyst

I take great pleasure in sharing my journey of transitioning into data analytics, as it not only serves as an inspiration but also provides valuable insights. If you’re interested, I’ve documented my experience in a blog where I detail my shift from web development to data analytics.

My passion lies in collaborating with organizations that aim to harness the full potential of their data. This involves guiding them from the initial stages of defining what they want to measure and devising strategies for accurate data capture. I continue to work with them through data preparation, analysis, and management, culminating in the effective presentation of impactful insights. My goal is to contribute to the meaningful utilization of data for organizations seeking to make informed decisions and drive positive outcomes.

I engage in collaborative partnerships with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business goals. Subsequently, I design and implement analytic solutions that closely align with their objectives. This process involves working closely with a proficient team of seasoned professionals who possess expertise in a diverse range of statistical and data analytics techniques.

Throughout my career, I have delivered analytic solutions to clients across a spectrum of industries, including financial services, technology, retail services, manufacturing, and higher education. My approach involves tailoring solutions to the specific needs and challenges of each client, ensuring that the analytics provided contribute directly to their success in their respective fields.


My mission is to influence the world around me by tackling intricate analytical challenges and creating solutions that optimize business efficiency through the power of numbers and data. Beyond the realm of analytics, I also have compelling stories to share and beliefs that I am passionate about disseminating.

My journey is a blend of problem-solving in the analytical space and the desire to communicate narratives and values that resonate with the world.

If you would like to bounce ideas off me, I am just a click away

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Joseph John

is a corporate freelance Data Analyst holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with several years of experience as a Digital Strategist and Web developer.